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Bridger Cashier is our proprietary smart cashier software. Allow your users to select their preferred payment experience in a customized cashier, which will always present their preferred payment method, allowing your business to grow with higher approval ratios.

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From the Bridger Admin you will be able to configure every single payment solution, currency and country offered in your cashier. Turn solutions on or off at the press of a button, block and allow any combination of countries and currencies, while setting minimum and maximum debit and credit limits. All in real time.

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Using BRIDGER’S ROUTER will allow you to tailor the right route and your desired cascading order for any transaction, providing a seamless deposit process for your users, which will boost your approval ratio in each region. Route & Cascade specific volumes to desired payment solutions, countries, currencies, methods, or use our built-in routing models.

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Turn any landing page into a deposit machine. Create your own Payment button, connected to all of your payment providers. Embed it in any landing page, affiliate funnel or any other media to generate multiple conversion channels for your website.

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Tired of having to check 10 different places for your settlements? With Bridger’s settlements calendar, it’s never been easier to manage your settlements with a monthly snapshot of all your ongoing settlements, as well as those in the pipeline, from all of your payment providers and processors.

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Bridger is an innovative leap forward in the online payments space. Harnessing the power and performance of AI to create the most advanced payment learning software in the world.


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