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Ran Cohen CEO BridgerPay

Have you considered how the payment options you offer - or do not offer - may affect your sales and the relationship with your customers?

If you’re a brokerage owner exchange or have any type of website that sales, you probably know who’s your ideal customer. Perhaps your preferred customer is a male or a female, young or old or part of a particular demographic that can be defined by household income, level of education, employment status or other indicator. If you’re like most businesses, “knowing” your customer probably influences your decision making in relation to the products and services you sell, the technology you use, the methods you use to market your business and where you choose to advertise.

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Future of fintech: 10 smart people

Databird business journal
Our new articles series, “Future of Fintech” will focus on fintech experts around the world. Top executives will share their thoughts on the trends that will transform financial services.Read more

How BridgerPay Uses AI to Optimize Payments Management

AtoZ Markets
The new technologies spread into various areas of human activity. However, payments are in many ways outdated and remain outdated. In addition, payment systems have never been optimized for payment flow purposes.Read more

LeapRate Exclusive: CEO Ran Cohen talks about Ai powered payment management platform Bridgerpay

Many companies are opening up for projects involving artificial intelligence nowadays – ArtuData added to Intel’s NERVANA Artificial Intelligence startups program back in 2017; Credit Suisse launched an Artificial Intelligence Sentiment Index using RavenPack AI algorithms; Clearstream teamed up with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg to explore potential of Artificial Intelligence; last year Dukascopy Bank announced that it wants to become an artificial intelligence hub.Read more

Ex-Traders Group CEO Launches Payments Tech Firm BridgerPay

Finance Magnates
Ran Cohen's company is joining KPMG's FinTech Start Up Program.Read more

Bridger is an innovative leap forward in the online payments space. Harnessing the power and performance of AI to create the most advanced payment learning software in the world.


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